Because this is the rare, precious opportunity you’ve been waiting for! Unlike other tours to Peru, you will experience sacred sites and power vortexes intimately and profoundly.

This is not just a tour, but a shamanic journey.

Breathe in the sacred wisdom of the ages. Meditate in temples thousands of years old. Participate in life-changing ancient ceremonies and experience the magnificence of your own being. Picture yourself breathing the mystical air at the heights of the Andes Mountains. Your spirit will soar as you experience one of the most beautiful and sacred lands on earth. Walk in the footsteps of the ancient Inkas. The ancestors of the Andean people still live in this precious “Paradise in the Sun,” where the heart of the masters still reigns.

Once again, the world has begun to recognize the Andes as one of the greatest cultural and spiritual centers of the planet; the doors to new dimensions of awareness are opening to us, and we are now unearthing and reviving ancient, hidden knowledge, due to the beginning of the new, tenth Pachakuti, or cosmic cycle. Andean history is divided into segments of 1000 years, with a transformational era in the middle, every 500 years.

We recently passed one of these historical transitions in 1992. The ANDEAN PEOPLE call this Pachakuti “turning of the times”. Since long ago the Andean culture zealously guarded their secrets. Now they are willing to share this ancient knowledge. Are you ready to experience your true nature? Now is the time to participate in sacred ceremonies from an ancient, highly advanced civilization.


There is a ritual trail or “Sacred Path” called the “Path of Wiraqocha” which is thousands of years old and runs from north to south beginning in the Sacred Lake Titikaka and bringing us to the Land of the Inkas in Cusco.

There are geographical reasons which determine the spiritual importance of the Andes in the world: these mountains and those of the Himalaya are nearly perfectly distributed on our planet to create a balance of energy and polarity. The energy of the Northern hemisphere has a masculine tendency and the energy of the Southern hemisphere a feminine expression, that is to say this is the energy of Mother Earth (Pachamama).


Man’s search over the course of thousands of years has been to fulfill his inner self and transcend the material plane. The fraternity-hood, “Sacred Journeys in the Andes”, has as a principle the redirection of this search through experiences and changes in lifestyle, in the physical as well as in energy fields. These changes are achieved with the support of the energy of the Earth Mother.

We understand that in these times an addiction to things, created by our societies, and the pace and politics of life today leads us to create a tangle of styles and customs with every step we take. In this world of dependencies and unnecessary necessities, our fraternity-hood with its specialized area of “journeys of a spiritual nature” invites you to follow and join in a spiritual journey whose only purpose is the creation of a basis for the new millennium where we may see the flowering of Peace and Love, and may radiate Light and Happiness.

On this path our goal is to awaken each individual into a journey of spiritual growth; our trips to sacred places allows the experience of parallel worlds, and provides a key for a journey to the inner self.


“Shaman” – this word is often found in proposals for alternatives in the development of the inner life of the individual. The visions and descriptions of Carlos Castañeda when he encountered an old yaqi man possessing ancestral wisdom echoes in the imagination of every seeker who looked for the model of a spiritual leader.
“Shamanism” as an inner experience is timeless; it is as old as the moment when human being first observed that night follows day and day follows night. The Shaman is the one who walks with the elements, the one who speaks with the wind, who travels through space, who sings to the music when the music dances a song; the Shaman is the child of the fire, the Shaman is who flows like the river – never the same thing but always one thing, a Shaman is a child of Pachamama.

It is Pachamama and Wiraqocha who initiate us into the shamanic dimension and through the ceremonies and direct experiences in places of power, we have the opportunity to dance before the fire or bathe ourselves in holy waters in the power lakes of the Andes. After walking with us in these Lands, you will never be the same again.


Visits to initiation centers at Machu Picchu, the Intiwatana of Quesanani, Q’enqo, Sacsaywaman, Ollantaytambo, etc., will bring us to the frequency, necessary to cleanse from inside us all that damages and limits our growth.

The love of Pachamama and vitality of Wiraqocha will teach us the path of cleanliness and healing. Join us in the ceremonies of “Sacred Fire”, in communion with the “Land of Pachamama,” and in the “Freedom and path of the Wind” guided by the Sacred Kondor. Bathe in the Waters of Initiation in the Temples of the Masters of Time.


We must understand that our body is our temple and it must be cared for and loved. When the earth reclaims this temple at the end of our mission, what is it that we will hand over? a temple that has been mistreated and misused, profaned and unappreciated….No! Rather let life find its purest seat within us and let us honor our temple by caring for ourselves.

The parallel worlds that surround us and are at the same time within us show us different paths in this adventure of life, if we want this adventure to be a spiritual one we prepare our temple and make it worthy of being reverenced, loved, illuminated and inhabited.

Allow yourselves to walk, run, fly, create, love – this is what life desires. In the adventure of the spirit sooner or later our path will be illuminated.


How can we try to help to save our world without loving ourselves and loving all of life? The ecological consciousness is an integral consciousness and not only “echo” economic.

A pure example of ecological awareness is given us by the Andean Cultures as they show us their high level of perfection in their control of food and habitat: everyone had something to eat and a place to live and it was impossible for anyone to die of hunger or die from lack of shelter. In our society we must fight for our daily bread and for the square meter of earth that we lack.

We should learn in this Andean experience, through our travels over these lands to love ourselves and love the earth that nourishes us. Welcome!


Pachamama (Mother Earth) teaches us that it is She who nourishes us, and one of her sons has told us: “… all that is done to the earth which is our Mother, that also is done to her sons, ourselves.” This profound teaching tells us that no one is the owner of anyone else and only Wiraqocha directs our destinies; one of the richest experiences is to learn to practice one of the oldest of teachings, which in the Andean World is called “Ayni” (Today for you and tomorrow for me”). We cannot selfishly try to keep the Love of Pachamama for only ourselves. Let us share this world of Light and Peace.


If Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, then the mountain will come to him. This saying tells us that we really do not have to go far, or near, we only need to get inside ourselves because the greatest riches of reality are there; we propose to travel not only in the exterior world but to make a pilgrimage within as well. The practice of meditation and the shamanic techniques we experience during our travels will unfold and guide these unique moments in your lives.

The presence of these sacred mountains will inspire your search and a return to your old ways of simple life will be nearly impossible. We become aware that the reality of the new times is the “Reality of Love” and we understand that this highest frequency can only be found within ourselves.


The legacy of the Andean history is present today. People with copper-colored skin and eyes as deep as the blue sky of June are the messengers from a cosmic time, the race of the Children of the Sun is still with us on the earth and we know that this is their time to burst forth. We feel the opening of the first stems, buds, leaves and flowers and the perfume that sings to life. Their time to be reborn has come and we invite you to a dance with the ancestral in an encounter with these new voices of Freedom and Family-hood.

The smiles of the Children of the Sun, alive and full of color as seen in their work and art fill us with satisfaction and an example of Love.


Let time be our traveling companion, let the past become part of the present and really live every day the historical magic of these mythic peoples. Every region is the testimony of the path of the Andean masters, and  they are still energetic present to remind us a glorious time. Throughout these mountains great remains arose and we invite you to walk through these lands and experience a world of light and productivity such as man never knew elsewhere.

The Andean culture was once rich and we are sure it will be so again. We will find examples of this past in the mysterious Lines of Nasca, in Arequipa with the magic presence of its Volcanoes, in the Sacred Lake Titikaka (the Focus of Feminine Energy on the Planet), in Cusco -Heart of the Andean world-, in the Jungle with its Inspiring Nature, in the Oasis, beaches and sand of the Coast, and in many other places.
Join us and our special team of experts in Andean Culture.

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Blessings and invoke to Pachamama to always guide your path in life.

Mallku Aribalo

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