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Lovely music created at the Andes with Alanna, Sahar & Mallku


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The Path of Power and its essence, the Sweetness, the Path of Freedom and its essence, the Beauty expanding the light! Sharing the ANDEAN MASTER PATH the energy of Unconditional Love and Ancestor Wisdom supporting the Ascension of the Planet! ALANNA, is an international lecture and shares the path of the Andean Masters, she is an expert in body techniques and through the sacred dances, the shamanic path and meditation she teaches how to release body, mental, and emotional blocks transforming them into light and permitting yourself to align your physical temple with the expansion of your soul. Alanna had many spiritual experiences in her childhood and since she was 6 years old she started having contacts with the Spirits of Light. Dedicated a few years to explore and integrate to her path the art of music, dance and Tai Chi. She had intimate memories of her past lives and of things that were happening or could happen, and people was confirming that really happened. Early she decided to become a vegetarian and at school was inviting her colleagues to practice meditation and Tai Chi. She lived in Brazil for most of her life and had different Extraterrestrial encounters that brought her messages for this New Time. She graduated in Dentistry, specializing herself in Oral Rehabilitation. Beside the Clinic that she had during more than 10 years in Brazil, treating and healing her patients with different techniques, using intuition, herbs, Reiki and applying specific techniques taught by Spirit, she always was guiding groups into this Path of Light using Sounds, Music, the Shamanic Path, Breathing techniques, yoga, Tai Chi and Sacred Dances. She is a Channel of Light, feeling the presence of the Angels, seeing the wings of people, listening the voice of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine and connecting with the Ancestor’s language and Ancient Sounds into the Path of Beauty. She is the author of the book The Pilgrim, a Timeless Journey to the Crystal City of Machu Pijchu, sharing her poetry, messages from the heart in an initiatory story, talking about the connection of the past lives with this life and inviting people to enter into this Magic World that exists in the Power Centers or Earth’s sacred spots. Where she also shares her experiences in the magic Andes encountering Mallku.

MALLKU & ALANNA, they have a beautiful history together. They share 24 hours a day together and practice in their daily life all that they share in the World, making Conferences, Speeches, Workshops, Individual Sessions and different Dynamics bringing to this New Generation the Ancient Wisdom of the ANDEAN MASTER PATH. In the Andes they are building a new Ceremonial Center in relation to the Andean Cosmic-vision. PACHAKAMAQ FOUNDATION, a non- profit organization, a center to teach the Andean Wisdom, sharing about the ANDEAN MASTER PATH, educating the new generations with so many projects to support Ecology, helping the local children and educating them, and others. During the entire year they receive people from the World who participate with them in Sacred Journeys in the Inka and pre-Inka temples, where they work with the Solar and Moon Initiations and different Activations. They are deeply involved in artistic productions with music events and healing programs in the Andes. For this New Time they promote that we need in the World more POWER BEINGS assuming who we are and our mission, becoming COSMIC BEINGS aligned with this New Time of Awakening to the path of beauty. It is urgent to attune with the deepest realms of your soul, activating all the Natural Forces of Pachamama. As you walk, you will discover THE AWAKENING OF THE PUMA and the ANDEAN MEDICINE WHEEL. More of the Andean wisdom will be shared in the next books. One of their messages is: “Let the mind free and the heart open, letting it flow with the natural rhythm of our own nature, discovering our natural dance and swimming in the river of the Existence, permitting our souls to be expanded and aligned with our own physical temples.” The Sacred Dances connect with the Ancient Wisdom of the High Priestess in the Ancient Times, where we were totally connected with Mother Earth and the Cosmos, and we were called “Star Beings, Cosmic Beings”, in communion with the Power of our Mother Nature. In their Workshops they create a human Mandala with all the participants doing together energetic exercises co-creating this Sacred Space of Love and Power. Our Planet is made by movements of contraction and expansion, so while dancing you have the opportunity to know more about yourself and being aligned with the Cosmos and your Soul’s mission. The Sacred Dances and the Shamanic Path can help us to discover a simple way of integrating soul and body. ALANNA is the director of “Pachamama Journeys” and lives at the Andes, in Cusco, near the great Inka city of Machu Pijchu and use the magical scenery of this land to teach about the Andean Master Path and to enjoy beauty and freedom. In Cusco she shares a TV program in weekends, where teaches to restore the respect to Pachamama and the Divine Feminine. A Sacred Journey with Alanna and her team in the Andes, will change your life forever!