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Archaeo-astromony has been called the anthropology of astronomy. While Archaeologists seek to reconstruct the architecture and function of ancient civilizations, archaeo-astronomers study the astronomical practices, celestial lore, mythologies, religions and worldviews of ancient cultures. In Mallku’s third book “Inka Power Places” he goes further still than describing the physical reconstruction of sacred sites of the Andes. He seeks to reconstruct the esoteric significance and ancestral messages of sites of power by endeavouring to restore both ancient structures and ritual. In this work you are invited to join Mallku in exploring and discovering Andean ‘centres of power’, sites that are amazing to the eye and challenging to the mind. Sites that will inspire and intrigue one to not only look deeper into the mysteries of the ancients but into the deeper aspects of oneself.

The Andean cosmic vision conceptualises the universe as a totality, a unified whole where its integral respect for Pachamama-Mother Earth, endows it as an eco-spiritual philosophy attractive to seekers from around the world. While this may sound ‘new age’ to some, Mallku demonstrates how Andean archaeo-astronomy reflects ancient knowledge of a ‘cosmic feng shui.’ He suggests that centers of power attract specific harmonies and energies of the cosmos toward empowering these places to be not only places of ceremonies, but places of initiation into solar sciences and higher levels of consciousness.

There is much talk today in academic circles for the need of cross-disciplinary research in order to achieve higher and more integrated levels of understanding. When approaches such as interconnectedness, synchronicity, and mysticism are welcomed into western scientific inquiry, those of us willing to open our minds to different methods of discovery will begin to expand our understanding of ancient knowledge.

Mallku is a pioneer; his work is a holistic approach toward the restoration of ancient wisdom within a unified cosmological vision, and a potential bridge between archaeology, astronomy, shamanism and esotericism.

Kiah Williams,  
Ph. D. Social Sciences

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Mallku Aribalo

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