I am sure that from the Earth’s core, Pachamama will make her voice resound and humanity will be the Being of Freedom, Love and Light. We know that all paths lead sooner or later to the Light and that if we don’t go to the Light, it will come to us.

Only a few days ago, it was concluded that the pre-Columbian societies knew the principle of electricity. Ladies and gentlemen, we are facing the greatest revelations of our time and these will make, without doubt, an unprecedented revolution in our history.

We will still have much to say about the Andean culture, and the day that its children from the world become conscious of the fact that they are neither on one side, nor on the other. On the contrary, they are children of this land, of this Pachamama, their life will be different and they will become Children of the Sun.

We must understand our culture in order to be able to appreciate it at its highest level; it has not been perfect, but it has been the most complete of all. We have had a lethargic dream that has ended at last and the New Pachakuti is marking the beginning of a new cycle, a new Era of Light.

We are proud to be part of a country so marvelous in all aspects, natural and
human. The cultures of the Inkas and their predecessors have left us evidence of their considerable technological, social and spiritual achievements. It has not been possible to erase the soul of these Andean peoples and at every step we find examples of a glorious past. Time has been the faithful witness of those great men who have not really left but are still here as guides just like the stars, Moon, Sun, earth, valleys and mountains. Much has been said about the Andes; but from outside, never from within, from the essence. Some thinkers and teachers of the world have tried to understand the spirituality of the Andes, but nearly always in an intellectual and material context.

Several decades ago certain intellectuals supposed that the Andes had no electro-magnetic charge of its own, thus giving us to understand that there had been a lack of spirituality and of ontological development of being in this part of the world. They announced that the “electromagnetic flow” found in the mountains of the Himalayas had been transferred to the Andes of America in a certain year and that Peru and Bolivia were the principal beneficiaries. Perhaps these men wanted to stimulate interest in the study of this Land of Pachamama, but their assumption with respect to these changes is in serious error and shows a lack of respect for all that is part of the millennial tradition of the Children of the Sun. To assume that in a certain year the energy of one geographic area could transplant
itself to another is like saying: “in the Americas the conditions for spiritual development only became manifest at the moment when the centers of geo-magnetic radiation changed, and this is true because someone says it is so”.

This millennial country, Land of Wiraqocha and Pachamama, has so much to teach