This work is part of an Eternal Mission. I do not desire to repeat or copy what other researchers already have presented; rather my desire is to speak and express with Pachamama’s language: the message of preservation that one day the sages of time and space wanted to offer us.

Science of recent times has demonstrated to us that the material and spiritual are united. It is only the myopia of the third world or literal anthropological academic that impedes being able to see the reality of man in the spectrum of infinite possibilities. Quantum physics is merely the shadow of Wiraqocha’s and Pachamama’s magical Universe, meaning that man is an ontological being and his experience must exist in relationship with totality, transforming his world into a holistic life experience.

Some decades ago it was impossible to accept the technological possibilities being proposed, like the ability to travel to the Moon, read the electromagnetic waves emitted by the body, photograph the aura of human beings, animals, plants and other natural objects, etc. In this time science has accepted these achievements and many more. But again, the near-sightedness that attempts to colonize information is passing judgement on something that by nature it will never understand in this lifetime. I hope that Wiraqocha, through our apus, gives them another opportunity to redeem what they seized and destroyed with their pretended intellectual and religious dogmas.

I invoke all who wish to unite for the awakening of this new millennium’s consciousness. By nature we are sacred beings, and by virtue of our own essence must build a better world. Remember that wisdom is the product of infinite experiences and its owner is no one other than humanity, meaning that everything is in our hands, including the decision to follow a path of obstacles, or a path of prosperity for our material and spiritual evolution.

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Blessings and invoke to Pachamama to always guide your path in life.

Mallku Aribalo

INSTA: @mallkuwachuma