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Dear sisters and brothers,

I salute with light from the Andes. In 1997, after years of studies and discoveries, I published my first book named “The Awakening of the Puma” which is a revealing subject in the Andean Master Path. The publication was in Cusco – Peru, for the local market. In the years to come, many people read it and were interested in having publications in their own countries, how ever this book is not in many of foreign places.

Because my books are not in Amazon, we did big efforts to create a digital version of this book and now we are offering in a PDF system for the ones who are interested. We have many more things to reveal about the Pre-Inka and Inka societies and your help will be very important to continue in our studies and publications. We finish another new book into the subject of the Feminine and would like to publish and since all this is a family investment, we appreciate your support.

Please click the “image” below or the icon “Buy Now”, and you will be directed to the PayPal site to buy the book in digital system. As we receive your payment, we will e-mail to you the link to open the book within the 24 to maximum the next 48 hours. Because the size of the PDF with full images, it may take up to 20 minutes to download.

June solstice solar initiation in Machu Pijchu.

Thanks a lot for your time and please share this link with your friends.

Blessings and invoke to Pachamama to always guide your path in life.

Mallku Aribalo

INSTA: @mallkuwachuma

The Awakening of the Puma (Inka Initiation path), is a revealing work explaining important astronomical phenomena that continue to take place today. The ancient wisdom of the Andes still lives in the stones, and each archeological monument is a testimony to a magnificent past. We are now in an accelerating new cycle of illumination and discovery. The beginning of a new Pachakuti (a new cycle of Andean Time) was marked by the awakening of this new consciousness. The Amautas or Andean sages will once again make their voices heard. With slow and graceful communication, Wiraqocha and Pachamama will lead those who are receptive in this new era of unity.

Our culture, the Andean culture, still is very little known. Our modern life has involved us so much that we can’t even see the Sun anymore.

I am sure that from the Earth’s core, the Pachamama will make her voice resound and man will be the Being of Freedom, Love and Light. We know that all paths lead sooner or later to the Light and that if we don’t go to the Light, it will come to us.

Only a few days ago, it was concluded that the pre-Columbian societies knew the principle of electricity. Gentlemen, we are facing the greatest revelations of our time and these will make, without doubt, an unprecedented revolution in our history.

We will still have much to say about the Andean culture, and the day that its children become conscious of the fact that they are neither on one side, nor on the other. On the contrary, they are children of this land, of this Pachamama, their life will be different and they will become Children of the Sun.

We must understand our culture in order to be able to appreciate it at its highest level; it has not been perfect, but it has been the most complete of all. We have had a lethargic dream that has ended at last and the Tenth Pachakuti is marking the beginning of a new cycle, a new Era of Light.